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Weihua Gantry Crane for Sale

Founded in 1988, Weihua Group has developed into a world famous lifting equipment supplier in the world market. As a professional gantry crane supplier, our group is powerful in the researching, developing and producing of the gantry crane. And our gantry cranes are practical, fashionable and durable. They are applied in a lot of occasions such as warehouse, airport, shipyard, construction site and so on. In the meanwhile, the gantry cranes are used widely in our daily life. No matter what kinds of gantry cranes you need, please feel free to keep in touch with us and you can receive the most proper gantry crane solution as soon as possible.

double girder gantry crane for sale
Double Girder Gantry Crane for Sale
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Single Girder Gantry Crane For Sale

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The main lifting machines includes a series of gantry cranes, overhead cranes, hoists, winches and so on. Including the gantry cranes, our group is powerful in supplying different kinds of gantry cranes. For example, the cranes in different lifting loads are produced such as 1 ton gantry crane, 2 ton gantry crane, 5 ton gantry crane, 10 ton gantry crane, 20 ton gantry crane, 50 ton gantry crane, 100 ton gantry crane, etc. According to the number of the girders, the gantry cranes made in our group can be divided into single girder gantry crane and double girder gantry crane. What’s more, both the single girder gantry cranes and double girder gantry cranes can be designed into heavy duty gantry crane which can lift the extreme heavy loads. The customized service will provide customers a most proper gantry crane solution for their business. As a result, the gantry cranes can meet the needs of your business well.

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With the development of our group more than 30 years, our group has become a pretty large scale lifting machine supplier in China which including multiple subsidiaries: WEITE mobile crane company, Dafang crane company, ARFA crane company, Tianli crane company, Weihua machinery im&ex company, Changyuan Shenlan hotel, Weihua agriculture and forestry company, etc. It has more than 20 branches, based on main crane business, industry which involved in real estate, hotel dining, financial investment, construction engineering, decoration and anti-corrosion, ecological agriculture etc.

Certifications of Weihua Group

Weihua group has received a number of certifications in the process of development for a long history. Due to the strength of our group. Our group has received a number of certifications such as National Innovation Demonstration Enterprise, China Famous Trademark, National Enterprise Technology Center, Top 100 Chinese Machinery Enterprise, Key High-tech Enterprise of National Torch Plan, Top 500 Chinese Private Enterprise, National Quality Standard, National High-tech Enterprise, Contract-honoring and Promise-keeping Enterprise of China, Quality Award of Henan Provincial Governor, 100 Best Employer of China, etc. On the one hand, our group serves as Deputy Chief Director in the Heavy Machinery Industry Association, Material-handling Association and the Bridge Crane Sub-association of China. On the other hand, our group is regarded as the first batches of the National Technology Innovation Demonstration Enterprise. As mentioned and shown above, our group is powerful and strengthen in the lifting equipment supplier. If you are interested in the gantry crane equipment, why don’t you choose us? All of our skilled workers are waiting for you all the time.

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