Gantry Crane Uses

What is a gantry crane used for? Gantry cranes have been widely used in freight yards, rail yards, port and other outdoor workplaces due to its high site utilization, large operating range, wide adaptability and strong versatility. The gantry structure of gantry crane has various types, including single girder, double girder, truss structure, etc. Gantry crane can be designed to run along the rail track fixed on the ground or run on rubber wheels or caster wheels for great maneuverability and flexibility.

Different Uses of Gantry Cranes

Gantry crane for general use

The picking device of the general gantry crane usually adopts a hook, a grab, an electromagnetic chuck, or a dual-use (hook + grab, hook + electromagnetic chuck, grab + electromagnetic chuck) or a three-use (hook + grab + electromagnetic chuck). Hook gantry crane is suitable for lifting, loading and unloading various pieces of goods in freight yards, docks and open warehouses. Grab bucket gantry crane is suitable for handling various bulk materials such as coal, ore, sand and so on. The electromagnetic gantry crane is suitable for loading and unloading steel, iron nuggets, scrap steel, iron filings and other materials in metallurgical plants and machinery plants. The dual-purpose and three-purpose gantry cranes are used in situations where the materials being hoisted often change.

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Container gantry crane

It is widely used in container terminals to lift and stack large containers. Container gantry crane can be rail mounted or rubber tyred type according to your lifting requirements. The crane can stack containers with 3 to 4 layers and 6 rows in width in the yard to increase the yard utilization and speed up the turnover of other cranes. In order to meet the transportation needs of port terminals, this crane has a higher working level, larger span and greater height. The span is determined according to the number of rows of containers that need to be crossed.

Shipyard gantry crane

It is used to assemble the hull of a ship, usually equipped with two sets of trolleys, one with two main hooks and running on the track of the flange on the bridge, the other with a main hook and an auxiliary hook and running on the track of the lower flange of the bridge to flip and lift large hull sections.

Hydropower station gantry crane

It is mainly used for lifting, opening and closing the gate, and can also be used for installation operations.

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